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Merri Creek at Roseneath Street, Yarra Bend

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Bay and Catchments

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The water quality score is shown for the most recent reporting year and is the result of combining ratings for six water quality parameters:

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Changes with Time

The graph below shows the changes in water quality scores over time going back to 2000 (or the earliest available data). We get the annual score from averaging out the monthly monitoring data that we collect. Changes over time may be due to factors such as climate, pollution, changes in land use, or effective efforts to reduce water pollution.

See scoring methods to find out how the parameter scores are calculated and combined to produce an overall water quality score.


Monitoring Data

The below graphs show monthly monitoring data for each water quality parameter, going back to 2000. The black lines are the water quality parameter, and the red line represents the relevant environmental water quality objectives in the State Environment Protection Policy (Waters of Victoria) (SEPP). The State Environment Protection Policy (Waters) commenced on 19 October 2018. It replaces the State Environment Protection Policy (Waters of Victoria), its regional Schedules, and the State Environment Protection Policy (Groundwaters of Victoria), and its objectives will be used for future Report Cards. Fluctuations indicate water quality across time.

To request this data as excel files, please contact Melbourne Water.


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