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Report Card 2016–2017

The 2016-17 Report Card was developed to report on the water quality in Port Phillip Bay, Western Port and Gippsland Lakes and their riverine catchments. These coastal embayment and lake systems are the largest coastal water bodies in Victoria and are of immense environmental, social, economic and cultural value to Victoria.

Click on the map below to explore the water quality of Port Phillip Bay, Western Port and Gippsland Lakes and the waterways that flow into them.

Port Phillip Bay and Catchments Western Port and Catchment Gippsland Lakes and Catchments


Port Phillip Bay, Western Port and Gippsland Lakes Report Card for 2016-2017

Initially developed for Port Phillip Bay and its catchment waterways, this year the Report Card has been expanded to include the Western Port and Gippsland Lakes regions.

This Report Card introduces the reader to the current (2016-17) and past (from 2000) water quality conditions within these water bodies and displays the condition of the waterways that potentially influence the health of the ecosystems they support. The Report Card also assesses climatic and human induced impacts that may have influenced water quality condition and presents actions and initiatives that have been implemented or are proposed by the Government, authorities and community to improve the health of these important aquatic environments.

On exploring the individual embayment of Port Phillip Bay and Western Port, the collected data is summarised to give an overall water quality index score for these waterbodies and for the individual catchment waterways that discharge to them. For the Gippsland Lakes region, water quality scoring is presented at several locations within the individual lakes and across the riverine catchments.

For the first time the Report Card also presents water quality data collected by community members of the citizen science program Waterwatch within the waterways of the catchments of Port Phillip Bay.


To explore further, click on a waterbody or catchment area on the map below to see the water monitoring sites, and information about current and past water quality conditions.

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