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Area of responsibility


Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning 

Department of Environment and Primary Industries (DEPI) &
Department of Transport Planning and Local Infrastructure (DTPLI)

Responds to incidents on:

  • Crown land (bayside beaches)
  • Sea bed                  
  •  Marine waters that are not protected parks, reserves or sanctuaries.            

Responds to incidents involving:

  • Wildlife - including stranded or injured wildlife, and protecting them from harassment from vessels (boats or jetskis)                                                    
  • Marine pests, such as Northern Pacific sea stars                                    
  • Marine algal blooms                                      
  • Blue-green algal blooms in inland waters
  • Illegal clearing of foreshore vegetation.                                               

Fisheries Victoria within DELWP can be contacted for fishing licensing and notified for enforcement, and in some instances of fish deaths.                               

DELWP also supports local Committees of Management (COM) who are appointed to manage Crown land including incidents on Crown land.

Also responds to planning and infrastructure incidents involving:

  • Marine pollution in State coastal waters, including Port Phillip Bay.
  • Supports regional control agencies in responding to small marine pollution incidents in State waters.
  • Assumes Incident Control in large marine pollution incidents.
  • Responds to marine pollution incidents in the Docklands precinct.   

DELWP Customer Service Centre

136 186

If you wish to report a fishing offence then call

13 FISH (133 474)

Environment Protection Authority (EPA)

Responds to incidents involving:

  • Pollution in the Yarra River catchment and Port Phillip Bay (e.g. sewerage spills, oil leaks, wastewater discharges).
  • Monitoring of water quality in the Yarra River catchment and Port Phillip Bay.
  • Investigate fish deaths until pollution is ruled out as the cause.
  • Illegal discharge of ballast water from ships within Port Phillip Bay.
  • Dumping of industrial waste around waterways.
  • Regulate wastewater discharges from licensed facilities.

EPA’s 24-hour Pollution Hotline (1300 372 842)

Sustainability Victoria (SV)
  • Facilitates and promotes environmental sustainability.
  • Drives the prevention and management of litter in Victoria and delivers programs such as Keep Australia Beautiful Victoria (KABV) and Victorian Litter Action Alliance (VLAA)Litter Champion program.
  • Coordinates the Victorian Litter Action Alliance (VLAA).

Victorian Litter Action Alliance
Parks Victoria May respond to incidents involving:
  • Recreational boating
  • On water events
  • Licensed Tour Operators and commercial boat operators
  • Litter in areas of their jurisdiction
  • Landings and berths in areas of their jurisdiction.
Parks Victoria – 13 1963
Melbourne Water (MW) Responds to incidents involving:
  • Sewerage discharge
  • Drainage system discharge (e.g. storm water outlets)
  • Treated water discharge
  • Emergency water release structures
  • Discharge from natural waterways (e.g. Yarra River).
Melbourne Water Customer Service 131 722
Port of Melbourne Corporation (PoMC) Responds to incidents involving:
  • Marine casualty (e.g collision/stranding of ship (not search and rescue)) for commercial ships in Port jurisdictional waters.
  • Marine pollution as a result of oil spills from commercial ships.


Local government

Responds to incidents involving:

  • Risk and public safety (not 000 incidents)
  • Stormwater impacts
  • Signage for beach closures
  • Vandalism (trees and graffiti etc)
  • Dumping of household waste and litter
  • Assistance (to Department of Environment and Primary Industries) with responses to dead wildlife on the beaches and live animal issues on beaches – e.g. seals/penguins.
Customer Service at each council
Metropolitan Fire Brigade (MFB)

Emergency service operations in Port of Melbourne Waters (including approximately 1050 sq/km of Port Phillip Bay, extending 3 nautical miles through the heads) and inland waterways, such as Yarra and Maribyrnong Rivers, within the metropolitan district.

Emergency response includes:

  • Structural and vessel fires on or near waterways
  • Shipboard or dockside Hazmat incidents
  • Pollution spills in to inland waterways
  • Support to other agencies.
Contact 000 in an emergency
Committees of Management (CoM) Committees of Management of Crown Land in Port Phillip Bay are responsible for bylaw and regulation enforcement including dogs on beaches, vegetation management, parking issues, litter collection, signage, erosion, pests and weeds, stormwater and normal beach cleaning requirements.


In some cases, the local council is the appointed committee of management.
Customer Service at each council

Infrastructure/asset owners (e.g. gas and electricity piping, sailing clubs)

Responds to incidents involving:
  • Vessels and discharge from vessels (e.g. at sailing club)
  • Infrastructure below the seabed (e.g. gas and electricity pipelines).

Program Partners