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Organisational roles

Environment Protection Authority

Established in 1971 the Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA) is Victoria’s independent environmental regulator. Our role is to ensure the effective regulation of pollution to the air, land and water (both marine and freshwater bodies) from activities that are at high risk of polluting the environment. We also aim to be an influential authority on environmental impacts.

We have independent authority to make regulatory decisions through the use of powers, skills and tools provided to us in the Environment Protection Act (1970).

Our regulatory model is based on risk where we prioritise our compliance and enforcement activity by addressing the biggest risk to the environment and health.

Melbourne Water

Melbourne Water is owned by the Victorian Government.

Day to day Melbourne Water manages water supply catchments, treats and supplies drinking and recycled water, removes and treats most of Melbourne’s sewage, and manages waterways and major drainage systems in the Port Phillip and Westernport region.

We work with the community, councils, the government and other authorities to improve the condition of rivers and creeks, and protect waterway environments from the impacts of urban development, pollution and agriculture.

Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning

The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning creates liveable, inclusive and sustainable communities that support jobs and growth in Victoria.

We recognise the link between the built and natural environment in the quality of our lives, and work to accommodate population growth while maintaining world class liveability and protecting our heritage for future generations.

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