EPA staff monitoring water quality in a creek

No pollution has been detected at the Gardiners Creek site, Box Hill South, after reports of pollution to the waterway at the weekend.

EPA investigates pollution reports throughout the Yarra River catchment, work whcih guides the Victorian Government's focuson hotspots where efforts are needed most.

Check the environmental health of your local waterway on report card, an interactive tool on the Victorian Government’s Cleaner Yarra and Bay website.

Launched in May, the report card provides Victorians with a comprehensive view of water quality results in the Bay and the Mornington, Dandenong, Yarra, Werribee, Maribyrnong and Bellarine catchments, down to a local level.


The report card indicates that the Bay is in excellent health and the Yarra is environmentally healthy, with 52 per cent of Melbourne’s water catchments rated in good condition.

The tool’s ability to drill down to local streams offers clear information on urban areas of the Yarra where water quality becomes poor.


Historic data offers important insight into the impacts of regulation, government intervention and community action in improving waterway health.

Vitally, information from report card, released each year and based on monthly data from over 100 Melbourne Water monitoring sites throughout the catchment and eight Environment Protection Authority (EPA) sites in the Bay, will guide focus on hotspots where Government efforts are needed most.