Alert Removals - Various

Port Phillip Bay shot

Please be advised we have now removed alerts for the following:

- A burst water main near Barkers Road Bridge Merri Creek, Coburg North.
- Reports of discoloured water at Cowies Creek in Weir Deppeler Park, North Geelong (the pollution event appears to have passed but we are still investigating the parties responsible).
- A burst tap on a nearby street which led to muddy, discoloured water in Edgars Creek, Cash Reserve in Coburg.
- A brown discolouration reported at Patterson River, Carrum and Carrum Beach Foreshore (there have been no further public reports since the initial sighting).

The Victorian community has a vital role in protecting the environment. EPA relies on the community to report incidents of pollution, environmental hazard or other activities potentially harmful to the environment. If you see, hear or smell pollution please report it to the EPA Pollution Hotline 1300 372 842 (1300 EPA VIC) or online.

More information about reporting pollution can be found on EPA’s website.