New wetland for Kew takes shape

Chandler Park wetland concept

The City of Boroondara has completed detailed plans for the construction of the Chandler Park wetland in Kew, with construction expected to commence in early 2018. The wetland will hold and treat stormwater from a residential catchment, contributing to a cleaner Yarra River and Bay.

The wetland will hold and treat stormwater from a residential catchment before it flows into the Yarra River. An off-take will be constructed to take stormwater flows and direct them through the wetland. A sediment pond will allow sediments and other pollutants to be removed from the water. The water will then move through a series pools of varying depths. As the water makes its way through the wetlands, the wetland plants will filter and remove pollutants from the water utilising them for growth. An outlet will be constructed to the Yarra where the cleaner water will be returned to the river. Council will maintain the wetland by regularly removing any trapped litter from the sediment pond and periodically removing sediment from the wetland.

The project will also provide:

  • biodiversity habitat for birds, frogs and reptiles.
  • a feature wall from which to view wildlife in the natural environment.
  • interpretive signage about local flora and fauna, wetland and billabong systems, and indigenous stories.
  • new furniture and seating and a circuit walking trail connecting into the Main Yarra Trail.

Community consultation revealed support and enthusiasm for the initiative, and a range of suggestions from residents and community groups have been incorporated into the design of the project.

The project will help meet pollution reduction targets contained in the council’s Integrated Water Management Strategy 2014–2024.

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