New sites in Port Phillip Bay and Western Port scheduled for dredging

Boats in Port Phillip Bay

A recent review of the maintenance dredging program recommended changes to the dredging schedule in Port Phillip and Western Port, as well as some additional sites to be dredged over the next ten years.

Sites that have traditionally been dredged infrequently have been included in the program as most of these sites will need some level of maintenance within the next ten years. In most cases, the sites will require further detailed investigation and funding prior to dredging.

The new sites include:

  • Queenscliff Moorings
  • Brighton Harbour
  • Hampton Harbour and Jetty
  • Patterson River Estuary
  • Hastings Jetty
  • Williamstown Precinct

To provide greater safety, efficiency, and environmental protection, some sites have had changes to their dredging design.

These include:

  • Patterson River depth increased to -5.0m
  • Mordialloc, length of dredge area
  • Queenscliff, increase of dredge area to include mooring area for ferry and dredge
  • Portarlington new entry channel and depth within the harbour
  • Werribee, depth increased to -2.5m
  • New methodology at Tankerton for in water disposal

Parks Victoria is the waterway manager for the local ports of Port Phillip and Western Port. Since 1998, Parks Victoria has managed an ongoing maintenance dredging program to facilitate safe boating access to local port facilities and harbours within its jurisdiction and control.

You can download fact sheets on the management plans for individual sites on the Parks Victoria website here.