Melbourne Water gets fruity for MFWF

Melbourne Water's floating fruit bowl on the Yarra River

A huge floating fruit bowl appeared on the Yarra River this weekend for the annual Melbourne Food and Wine Festival.

The inflatable bowl, believed to be the largest in the world, was part of Melbourne Water’s River Graze display. The bowl reminds visitors that water is the secret ingredient in all great food we eat.

Festivalgoers could take selfies, collect free seeds and were encouraged to learn more about the quality of Melbourne’s water.

Melbourne Water Managing Director, Michael Wandmaker, noted that people often forgot the important role water plays in the process of food production.

“Access to secure, reliable world-class water is critical to growing the beautiful food we will all be eating over the course of the festival, so it’s wonderful to be able to bring that story to life in a fun way,” he said.

The blow-up produce also displayed stickers showing the percentage of water in each fruit or vegetable.

Although the fruit bowl is no longer on display, the festival continues until 9 April.