Tickled pink

A view of Westage Park's pink lake from above

A brilliant natural phenomenon has occurred again this summer, with Westgate Park’s Salt Lake turning bright pink.

High temperatures, sunlight and a lack of rainfall, combined with very high salt levels have caused the water’s native algae to change from their usual green to pink.

The source of the salt is thought to be underground seawater leaching in from the adjacent Port Phillip Bay and the salty-end of the Yarra River.

Parks Victoria recommends that people avoid direct contact with the water as salt levels are approximately eight to ten times higher than seawater and can be harsh on skin and eyes.

When the weather cools and rainfall increases towards winter, the lake will return to its normal colour.

Other natural pink lakes can be seen in north-west Victoria, with four large pink lakes occurring at the remote fringe of Murray-Sunset National Park.

If visiting, please consider the environment, do not walk on the salt marsh vegetation, and take all your rubbish with you as you leave. For more information about Westgate Park visit Parks Victoria or call 13 19 63.