Summer fresh for Yarra River

Yarra River

Melbourne Water, in partnership with the Victorian Environmental Water Holder (VEWH), has commenced an environmental water release to the Yarra River.

Up to 4 billion litres of water from the VEWH environmental water entitlement will replenish the river from 16 March to 4 April.

Otherwise known as a ’summer fresh’, the release will improve the habitat for aquatic life and will enhance the river’s health by countering the effects of recent poor water quality.

Without the benefit of these fresh water releases, normal low flows over summer can cause fine sediments to accumulate on the river bed and a decline in water quality.

River levels will increase up to 40 centimetres along the Yarra River and up to 90 centimetres along Watts River in the Healesville area.

These are well within the natural variation of the river, however, Melbourne Water will closely monitor water levels during the entire release period.

For more information, please contact Melbourne Water.