The Bin Not Bay Environment Litter Program

Underwater image of a fur seal

The Bin Not Bay© Marine Environment Litter Program is an Australian Marine Mammal Conservation Foundation initiative designed to raise community and industry awareness and initiate action to protect the marine mammal environment in Port Phillip Bay.

Port Phillip Bay is one of several places in southern Australian waters where the recently discovered dolphin species, the Burrunan dolphin, has established a resident population. The Burrunan is listed as "Endangered" under Victoria’s Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act, with less than 150 dolphins in the Port Phillip Bay population.

Litter and waste is a significant threat to marine mammals in Port Phillip Bay. Each year across the globe, thousands of animals become entangled and ingest plastic waste causing numerous deaths. New research estimates as much as 12.7 million metric tonnes of plastic is entering our oceans annually; 88% of the earths ocean is now polluted with plastics; half of all plastics are single use and with new emerging threats such as micro-plastics (micro-beads & raw plastic resin pellets

The Bin Not Bay initiative addresses these main areas of concern by educating the community on the link between incorrect disposal of litter and impact on the marine environment; provides easy access to litter bins on the beaches, especially during high usage times across summer; and targets the wider community of beach users, not just Bayside residents.

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