Beach Report SMS text alert trial

Brighton Beach


BehaviourWorks at Monash University in conjunction with Life Saving Victoria are looking for participants to sign up to a trial SMS text alert service that will inform them of days when there are fair and poor water quality conditions at their local/nominated beach.

To sign up, Send an SMS message with your preferred beach (e.g. "St Kilda") to 0415 037607

By agreeing to pass on your mobile phone number and nominated beach, you are consenting to receiving SMS text alert messages on fair and poor water quality days at your nominated beach and a link to short online survey. You are not required to complete the survey and can withdraw from the study at any time

Please note that information will be stored securely according to University regulations and will only be used for this pilot study and not shared with any 3rd parties for further correspondence. No other identifiable information is required.

Results will be used to inform whether an SMS text alert service would be included in future communication strategies of beach water quality.