Alert removal for Darebin Creek

Darebin Creek flowing out of a large drain underneath a road

The alert issued on 29 July for Darebin Creek (tributary of the Yarra River), Heidelberg West has been removed due to no further public reports. The pollution report was investigated by an EPA Officer, but the source could be located.

Due to EPA monitoring and regular public reports of pollution this creek is currently a priority for further investigation. This may involve further monitoring and/or inspection along with education of businesses in the catchment.

To find out how you can help prevent pollution going into our creeks and rivers check out the How you can help page on this website.

Report pollution

The Victorian community has a vital role in protecting the environment. Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA) relies on the community to report incidents of pollution, environmental hazard or other activities potentially harmful to the environment.

If you see, hear or smell pollution please report it to the EPA Pollution Hotline 1300 372 842 (1300 EPA VIC) or online.

More information about reporting pollution can be found on EPA’s website.