Alert removal for Kororoit and Toomuc Creeks

hydrocarbon sheen coming out of a drain into Koroit Creek at Williamstown
A community pollution report alerted Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA) to an oily sheen in Kororoit Creek, next to Seaview Parade in Williamstown. An Environment Protection Officer (EPO) responded to the report and investigated where the oil was coming from. As Kororoit Creek is influenced by tides, it wasn’t possible to track the pollution back to its source, however, the oil sheen was relatively small and was dispersed by rain later that day.

On Friday 10th July, South East Water alerted EPA to a sewer spill into Toomuc Creek near Henry Road in Pakenham. South East water responded and quickly put up booms to contain the spill and then commenced a clean-up. The rain over the last week would have heavily diluted any of the spill that escaped into the creek. 

Report pollution

The Victorian community has a vital role in protecting the environment. Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA) relies on the community to report incidents of pollution, environmental hazard or other activities potentially harmful to the environment.

If you see, hear or smell pollution please report it to the EPA Pollution Hotline 1300 372 842 (1300 EPA VIC) oronline.

More information about reporting pollution can be found on EPA’s website.