Blue-green algae warning removed for Greaves Rd retarding basin

Algal Bloom
A blue-green algae bloom in the Greaves Road retarding basin and Beaumont Waters wetlands in Berwick Springs Estate has cleared, according to Melbourne Water testing.

Sampling of the water in the wetlands between Greaves Road and Glasscocks Road has been clear for several consecutive weeks, and warning signage is being removed from the site.

Melbourne Water Waterways Manager South East Region, Greg Bain, said the bloom had dissipated thanks to heavy rainfall over the past few weeks, combined with cooler weather. 

“Lower temperatures in autumn and winter combined with improved rainfall means that blue-green algae is less likely to occur,” said Mr Bain.Blue-green algae occurs naturally in waterways, typically in summer and can erupt into blooms during hot weather, periods of drought, or where there is an accumulation of nutrients in waterways or water bodies.

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