Environmental water for the Yarra River

Yarra River.

Melbourne Water will deliver an autumn fresh environmental water release to the Yarra River over the next four weeks (starting on 8 May 2015) to support the spawning of Australian grayling.

Up to 10 billion litres of water will be released from Upper Yarra and Maroondah reservoirs during May 2015. Water harvest will be halted at Yering Gorge and in some tributaries at this time to maximise flows.

The release is part of a program to support Australian grayling populations in the Yarra system. It is anticipated the release, which will mimic natural processes, will promote the spawning of Australian grayling in the Yarra, and movement of fish in the estuary and bay to complete the next part of their life cycle.

This environmental water release is also designed to flush fine sediment and organic material from the river bed, maintain habitat for bugs and fish life, and support native vegetation.