Alert removal for Dandenong Creek

EPA staff monitoring water quality in a creek

Pollution alert relating to black discolouration of Dandenong Creek, near Colchestor Road, Bayswater North has now been removed. 

The spill into Dandenong Creek was identified as likely to be Seasol International fertiliser product that was discharged into a stormwater drain yesterday. The spill was a seagrass based fertilizer with added Potassium and is low risk to human health. The impact of this spill to Dandenong Creek was minimal and was restricted mostly to a part of the Creek which is an underground drain, with some of the spill also reaching a wetland area.

EPA are currently investigating a spill that occurred from a Seasol International factory in Boronia last week and have asked the company to provide an incident report to EPA. Seasol’s current operations are identified to pose a risk to stormwater environments, and a remedial notice will be issued to require Seasol to improve housekeeping and storage.

If you see, hear or smell pollution please report it to the EPA Pollution Hotline 1300 EPA VIC (1300 372 842) or online via