EPA Victoria launches new litter reporting mobile app


It is now even easier to report litterers with EPA Victoria launching a new litter reporting mobile app.

Acting CEO Katrina McKenzie said that EPA is targeting litter on all fronts, including educating Victorians on the impact litter has on land and water but it cannot be done without the help of Victorians making litter reports.

“We need more Victorians to become litter reporters and it’s now more convenient with our new mobile EPA Report Litter app which is available across smart phone devices including iPhones and Androids,” Ms McKenzie said.

“When you see litter being thrown from a vehicle or dropped by a driver or passenger before or after getting into or out of their vehicle you can report using this new app.

“You are still also able to report on EPA’s website, by calling 1300 EPA VIC or via mail.

“Litter is one of this state’s most unnecessary burdens, with a clean-up bill of $78 million every year in Victoria.

“Approximately 14,560 tonnes of litter is generated across the state every year - almost three kilograms of litter for every Victorian but you can be the difference.

“Download the app and have it ready to go on your phone so you’re ready to play your part in stopping this behaviour impacting our environment and protecting our beautiful beaches, parks, roads and waterways from being trashed.”

EPA has the power to issue an infringement or fine to the owner of the registered vehicle if they are seen throwing litter out of a vehicle. EPA verifies the details of each litter report against the VicRoads database, if the details match, an infringement is issued.

Fines range from $288.72 for rubbish or unlit cigarette to $577.44 for a lit cigarette.

The app is available on iTunes and PlayStore. Previously this app was only available on iPhones and EPA has also cut down some of the fields required to report and streamlined the process.